Spirals: Mother’s Day Gift

Over here, we celebrate Mother’s Day in March. So this particular mother’s day, I decided, it would be a  spiral pattern jewelry for my mom. I have always made jewelry for my mom regardless of holidays or celebrations.
This time around, I wanted to make a set of jewelry (necklace with matching earrings) with her favorite color- green stones. Identifying a gemstone is not easy there are some unique skill require to identify this website made it easy.


She was with me when I worked on those spiral sets and she loved each and every one of With this in mind, I decided to challenge myself again by making another design completely different from the first sets. Here, different shades of green, gold, whitish silver in different ratios were mixed together. Mind you, these are seed beads in different sizes. Olive green crystals were used for the spiral pattern.them!The result of this idea is this. The earrings are designed like spirals as you can see.

I believe this, was a great gift to celebrate her! Don’t you think so?the red one is also for her. This is designed with smaller seed beads, with a touch of red and clear crystals. Here, a pendant is attached to it, for a different look. So it can be worn with or without a pendant. The earrings are like the pendant, only smaller.
I’m really pleased with these ones and I hope to keep creating diversity with this pattern.
Let me know what you think… Happy Mother’s Day to every woman out there.
“Honour your father and mother, so that you may live long in the land of the Lord your God is giving you”-Ex 20:12
“God could not be everywhere, therefore he made mothers”- Jewish Proverbs







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